I Finished My Novel! Now What? (Part 2): Proofread & Beta Readers

[Read PART ONE] After you finish working on your manuscript, you’re going to be on a writer’s high. You’re done! It’s so exciting! All your hard work is sitting before you with tens of thousands of words on the screen. Through your red-rimmed, sleep-deprived eyes, what you have just completed is the single greatest piece […]

I Finished Writing My Novel! Now What? (Part 1): Advice from a Published Author

There is one question I get over and over from new authors. The conversation usually goes something like this: “I did it!” they say. “I finished my novel!” Then they pause. “So….what now?” The path to becoming a published author doesn’t end with you completing your masterpiece–it starts with it. Writing is (mostly) the easy […]