How I Edit Different Writing Styles

One question people often have about editing is how I deal with different writing styles. An author’s writing style can also be referred to as the author’s “voice.” If you read enough books by the same author, you might start to recognize a general flow of the writing. That is the author’s voice coming through. It’s their personal […]

The Power of an Abstract

In my day job, I edit a scholarly journal. Potential authors submit an article for consideration. I read it, and it is also anonymously reviewed by members of my editorial board. Then I write back to the author with a recommendation for or against publication, along with comments about the article and specific suggestions for […]

Find and Destroy: My Secret Trick to Eliminating Word Overuse

[source] Today I want to share with you my favorite editing tip for eliminating word overuse! I wrote about the topic of word overuse previously in my post on spot treatment: removing word repetition, and I’m not the only person to write a post on this issue, but what I haven’t talked about yet is […]

Grammar Tip: Should You Use Double Punctuation?!

Hello! Welcome to Grammar Tip Tuesday, where I bring you a (hopefully) helpful grammar tip so that you can be smarter than everyone else. Today’s tip will be short and sweet and concerns a personal pet peeve of mine: double punctuation. Example: “You mean you’re breaking up with me?!” Note the use of an exclamation […]

I Finished My Novel! Now What? (Part 3): Self-Editing

Part 1: Advice from a Published Author | Part 2: Proofreading and Beta Readers We’ve come to the part in this series that makes writers tremble in their slippered feet: the dreaded revision stage. I think revision is only thought of with dread by those writers who don’t understand how freeing it is to chop and […]

How to Use Punctuation with Closing Quotation Marks

Welcome to grammar tip Tuesday, where every week I post an unusual, unknown, or otherwise helpful grammar tip to help you be smarter than everyone else. Today’s topic? Colons and semicolons and question marks and other types of punctuation with quotation marks, brought to you by Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition, 6.10: “Colons and […]

Using an Em Dash vs. Ellipses in Dialogue

The incorrect use of em dashes and ellipses is not something that matters a whole lot in the grand scheme of writing. There are  more crucial grammatical issues such as direct address commas, apostrophes, and spelling. However, dash/ellipses confusion is a personal pet peeve of mine, and thankfully, the rule is easy enough to remember: […]