More about the Em Dash!

[source] Remember when I talked about using em dash vs. ellipses with dialogue? Here’s another quick em dash tip regarding surrounding punctuation, which can be found in CMOS 6.87. A question mark or exclamation point can precede an em dash. A comma, colon, and semicolon cannot. Example (from CMOS): Only if—heaven forbid!—you lose your passport should […]

Grammar Tip: Using Commas with Quotes, Dialogue, or Parenthesis

One of the most common mistakes I come across is when commas are added where they shouldn’t be or left out where they’re needed. Incorrect commas is a big problem especially as it concerns quotes, dialogue, and parenthesis, so hopefully today’s grammar tip will help clarify the confusion. || Commas with Quotes Quoted material is usually introduced […]

How to Use Punctuation with Closing Quotation Marks

Welcome to grammar tip Tuesday, where every week I post an unusual, unknown, or otherwise helpful grammar tip to help you be smarter than everyone else. Today’s topic? Colons and semicolons and question marks and other types of punctuation with quotation marks, brought to you by Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition, 6.10: “Colons and […]

Grammar Tip: Using Commas with “Because”

Knowing when to use a comma with the word because is something that confuses even the most knowledgable editor. (Myself included.) Once you see a few examples, though, hopefully this will become more clear. Chicago Manual of Style says the following: “A dependent clause that follows a main clause should not be preceded by a comma if it is […]