Do you have text in need of editing? Let me help you make it the best it can be!

I have over 7 years’ experience with a variety of genres, from web articles to short stories to autobiographies and full-length novels. I also have experience with children’s books and juvenile fiction and nonfiction. My rates and fees are designed to be affordable and accessible to authors with books in need of editing. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Two types of edits are provided with each manuscript.

1) In-text edits using track changes in Microsoft Word.

2) One-two pages of notes with general thoughts about the piece as well as a summary of in-text edits.

I consider myself not only an editor but a teacher, and I want you to be able to take my notes and comments and use them to improve your future writings.

Following are the types of edits I provide:

  • Grammatical Edits: Correct punctuation, typos, and grammar according to the Chicago Manual of Style
  • Line Edits: Identify and correct awkward sentence structure, word repetition, and inconsistencies of style
  • Developmental Critique: Highlight larger concerns regarding character development, timeline, point of view, dialogue, pacing, plot, setting, as well as brainstorming additional endings, scenes, and plot points
  • Other: title brainstorm, promotional copy (back cover book teaser), author bio

Option 1: Copyedit

Editor will correct the following:




-Incorrect/confusing word choice

*No developmental suggestions offered

Fee: $.03/word (10,000 words+)

Flat fee: $250 (5,000-9,999 words)

Flat fee: $75 (0-4,999 words)


Option 2: Developmental Edit & Copyedit

Editor will address the following during one round of editing:





-Word choice/sentence/paragraph phrasing


Developmental (including but not limited to):

-Character development

-Story arc




-Author voice


Fee: $.042/word (10,000 words+)

Flat fee: $500 (5,000-9,999 words)

Flat fee: $150 (0-4,999 words)


Option 3: Second Round Copy/Developmental Edit

Light copy and developmental edit

*Recommended for manuscripts that have already been edited once for grammar and content

Fee: $.012/word (10,000 words+)

Flat fee: $150 (5,000-9,999 words)

Flat fee: $50 (0-4,999 words)


Children’s Book

Full copy/developmental edit for up to a total of 3 editing rounds

Flat fee: $100

Stand-alone editing services $25/each

Press Release | Back cover copy (book teaser) | Author bio | Introduction/Author’s note

Payment is accepted via paypal or personal check. Contact me to discuss payment plans.

*If payment is sent via paypal, a 3% service charge will be added to cover the cost of paypal fees.

**NOTE: Prices are based on an average editing draft. Should your manuscript need additional work, price may increase slightly. Email me for an initial review and price quote. Feel free to email me for a one-page sample so you can get a feel for my work.