Spell Check: Do you Use Toothpaste Every Day Anymore?

Hello! I’ve got a quick spelling check for you on grammar tip Tuesday. This is something I see a lot when I edit, so hopefully this will help you for the future.

Everyday vs. Every day 

Many people want to confuse these two words, but it’s important to be aware that there is a difference. I think the easiest way to show you would be to give an example:

I eat muffins for breakfast every day.

Every day that passes since you left, I miss you more.


My everyday walking shoes aren’t good for running.

Do you see the difference? Everyday as one word is an adjective. Every day as two words is used to describe something that happens every [space] day.

This same confusion occurs with Anymore vs. Any more. So, here are a few more examples:
I don’t like men anymore.


Do you want any more broccoli?


These types of rules just need to be practiced, so when you’re writing (or reading), be aware of the usage and the fact that two words or one word means something different!

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